Do a real blockchain experience, run a TestNet node of ZooBC!

Roberto Capodieci
4 min readSep 7, 2020

Hello, blockchainers!
I would love to share with you all an amazing opportunity to get started (technically) with Blockchain: participate in the test of ZooBC, an advanced blockchain platform that is entering its beta phase. After 10 months running in alpha, on 100 nodes managed by us, now is finally ready to be tested by blockchain specialists. With a minimum experience, you can set up and run your ZooBC TestNet node, collect coinbase coins, and test all the functionalities.

Want to learn more about ZooBC? Check this playlist “ZooBC Blockchain Explained”:

and read this PDF with the highlights of what this new technology can do:

Have some spare time and want to help the community and run a ZooBC TestNet node? Below are all the steps to get started with a ZooBC TestNet Genesis Block Account. I promise it will be an incredible and useful experience for yourself! An additional skill to add to your portfolio :)

We will start 3 temporary TestNets between now and December. At each restart bugs will be fixed, functionalities added, and all this will be also thanks to your help! The first Genesis block for the TestNet will be built Monday 7th September 2020! At the end of this message, there is the full calendar of all the temporary TestNets, so if you missed this one, you will be able to jump in in the next.

Interested? Here is a video that walks through the steps on how to get started in getting a ZooBC TestNet Genesis Block account, essential to set up the node:

— Follow step by step, this 20 points:

01) If you don’t have it install MetaMask on Google Chrome (or use the Brave browser and the plugin is already installed). From Chrome visit: and install the plugin

02) Create an Ethereum account or link an existing account to MetaMask (you can use a hardware wallet).

03) Change the network from Ethereum Main Net to Goerli network (Ethereum TestNet)

04) Get some Goerli ETH funds for your new (or existing) Ethereum address using this instant faucet:

04b) You don’t need it, but if you want more than 0.05 Göeth, use this faucet (requires you to post the address on social media):

05) Purchase (for free!!!) a ZooBC TestNet Genesis Block Account by using this special link:

06) Be sure, at check out, to include your Ethereum address in the required field, so we can send you the ERC-721 representing your ZooBC Testnet Genesis Block Account!

07) Wait for us to process the order, this can take from a few hours to max 1 day

08) When the order is processed you will receive the email with your ZooBC Genesis Block Account ID

08b) Optionally, to verify that Genesis Block Account has been transferred to you, go to and scroll to option 20 (ownerOf), enter your ZooBC TestNet Account account ID, press the “Query” button, and confirm the Ethernet address produced is the one you provided in the order.

09) Now you need to register on the Goerli ERC-721 the data for your ZooBC TestNet Genesis Block Account. It is easy. We made a walkthrough video of the registration process:

and we also made a PDF file that illustrates step by step the registration:

10) Go to this URL:

11) Create a ZooBC account (or if you have a 24 words seed phrase already, you can use yours)

12) Search for your account data with your ZooBC TestNet Node Genesis Block Account ID or the Ethereum address you entered at order checkout.

13) Once found your ZooBC TestNet Genesis BLock Account, click on it and connect to the web page to MetaMask

14) Click on “Register” to open the form where you can enter data for your account

15) Chose the ZooBC account where the coinbase rewards (the new TestNet coins created at each block) will be collected

16) Click on the node key button to Generate a Public Key for your node

17) Optionally, as Satoshi Nakamoto did on the Bitcoin Genesis Block, you can write a message to the world (max 100 chars — letters and numbers and spaces only) that will remain forever on the ZooBC Test Net Genesis Block

18) Once you have all set, chose a password to encrypt your certificate (note: this is NOT your pin, is a new password), and click to update the ERC-721 with your data. You will be presented with a summary of the data and will need to process the transactions with MetaMask (this is why you needed some funds from a Goerli faucet at point 04

19) Once the transaction to update the data in the ERC-721 is confirmed on the Goerli Testnet, click on “Download” to download the server certificate. You will need this certificate later when setting up your ZooBC Testnet node.

20) If you have chosen to have the server hosted and managed by Blockchain Zoo, you will need to email us the certificate

21) Once all the above is done, we will you send step by step instructions on how to set up a server to run the node

We hope to welcome you soon to the ZooBC community!