Mike, you may have read Greg Slepak (also emotional) analysis of your rant, with responses line by line:


I think, removed all the emotional aspects of the rants, that all boils down to a few facts that both “sides” say. I paste here my comment to Greg post, as it is correct for me to share it with you (and every other reader) as well:

Maybe being the father of a 5 and a 7 years old gifted me with the capacity to extract a message out of a rant (even one of those made stomping the feet on the floor and screaming, such as Mike’s post). This is why, cleaning up all the anger, resentment, and fingers pointing, the only message I extracted from Mike’s post is “Bitcoin has problems that needs to be fixed, if they don’t get fixed, Bitcoins will become unreliable”. All the rest of the rant, and how hated Mike seems to be in the community, or how many lies he is accused to say, had no much importance. I didn’t read in his post that “bitcoin has died”, but rather than it risks to die if nothing is done quite urgently. In your detailed analysis on what he wrote — done line by line rather than between the lines — you are saying pretty much the same thing, and you do it also with quite an emotional state attached (so I kinda of filtered out also what I perceived, in your post, to be dictated more by emotions than by clear analysis). And I agree with you both on the essence of the message: Bitcoin is NOT going to die, because something will be done about it. People don’t get along in the community (just check bitcointalk .org to see how many bullies roam around), there are high economical interests that may motivate people to choose one rather than another options (and lobbying for them), and it is a big mess :) All the remaining arguments are just good IMO for a bitcoin world soap opera! Anyways, long live Bitcoin, and all the new generations of cryptos too! Best, Rob

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